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O' Connor's


About us

At O' Connor's we are telling the story of Ireland's rich history. We celebrate the public house culture- a culture of hospitable surroundings, good food, good drinks and friendly conversation, what we call "Craic".

Choosing the right name for our pub was very important, we wanted the name to tell a lot about our pub. Gus O' Connor's in Doolin, County Clare (Later just O' Connor's) Has been named the best pub in Ireland several times and is known for their great live music, authentic Irish Food and lively atmosphere. It is our attempt to bring the best of Ireland to Rochester Michigan.O' Connor's was designed and built by the Prairie Pub Company, one of only five Guinness approved authentic Irish Pub builders in the world. The finished pub was shipped to the states and reassembled in the historical downtown district of Rochester Michigan. Some particular items to take special notice of include the floors located in the main bar area, dating back more than 140 years.The stone wall separating the dining area from the bar was once an exterior wall, now recovered it offers a soft, rustic feel. You will also notice stain glass and wrought iron around the pub which was harvested from crumbling churches throughout Ireland.